Model Sport STP from Number One Lab Review

My Rating

Key Features

🏳️‍⚧️ Trans-Owned Company: Yes
🥞 Circumsized and Uncircumsized (intact)
👣 Size: 1
🎨 Color Tones Available: 3
💰 Price: $70 (USD)
🧍🏽‍♂️Stand-To-Pee Function: Yes
🍆Can Be Used For Penetration: No
🧬 Real Feel™ Test: No
👀 Discreet Shipping: Yes
⚡️ Energy: Ugliest Balls I’ve Ever Seen


The Model Sport STP from Number One Laboratory is a smaller sized STP with an interesting shape. It has a very narrow cup/funnel, which makes it difficult to pee with. This STP is available in different sizes (larger and smaller), however, this review will only focus on the “sport” model. This STP also comes with an optional harness. Unlike many harnesses on the market, this one does not wrap around your waist, instead it goes around your thighs.

The Great

  • Small and compact
  • Could be a great alternative to the standard “cup” STPs as this design is very different 
  • Very soft STP

The Not-so-Great

  • Not great to pack with if you’re looking for something that looks like a flaccid penis in your pants 
  • Not Budget Friendly
  • No Spill-proof lip


This STP comes in a see-through bag and then it is packaged in a discrete mailing package.

Each shipping box and custom form is different depending on the company. If you are unsure if the company you are ordering from has discrete shipping, be sure to contact them prior to ordering.

I know a lot of people wonder what the actual shipping box looks like and it’s tough to really say because this prosthetic is sold by many different online retailers. If you are ever unsure, you can always message the company you are purchasing from and ask them what they put on the box! The retailer that I prefer is Early2Bed and Trans Essentials and I can tell you that living in Canada and receiving a package from the USA, I’m always terrified the customs declaration form is going to say something like “big wiener”. Luckily, that has never happened with Trans Essentials. They also didn’t even put the return address as “Trans Essentials” they put “ETB” or “TE”. 


The Model Sport is available in 3 different shades, as well as the choice of having it cut or uncut!


This is the in-depth view from all angles of the Model Sport STP.

Shaft: 4”/102mm
Cup Length: 3.5”/89mm
Cup Width: 1.75”/44mm
Actual Cup/Funnel to pee in: .75”/19mm

Here are the other model sizes available:

Material and Feel

The Model Sport is made out of 100% silicone and we love this. Any other material near your junk after you use it to pee is just not great (bacteria will accumulate). However, because this is made out of silicone, it means this STP is very durable and can withstand a lot of use.

It does NOT feel like skin but it is soft to the touch!

A moment of silence for these horrible, tiny, hard, and ugly balls…..


It just… doesn’t look right. It also doesn’t feel right either (when you’re wearing it).


This STP has an irregular shape and that is not necessarily a bad thing. However, for this STP, it just doesn’t cut it. First of all, the shaft is pointing downwards. This could be a huge plus because you’re already aiming down and you don’t have to move much (unlike other STPs that might be aiming more at a 90 degree angle and you have to move it around). However, we don’t straddle a toilet when we pee, we stand in front of it. So naturally, you have to move the shaft a little to aim. This is when trouble arises. Because you are moving the shaft up a little, that distorts and warps the cup/funnel you are peeing in. 

I cannot stress this enough. If you are getting this STP – practice different movements of the shaft and the placement of the cup while you’re in the shower. Do this especially if you plan on using the urinals in the future!!

Also, it’s not a great STP if you’re someone with a little extra weight (like me) Because the cup is so narrow, when you put it between your legs to try to pee with, its normal that your legs close a little. When you’ve got them thunder thighs, it just squishes it even more, making the “cup” basically non-existent. So you’ll end up peeing on everything except the STP. You can get a real low squat going and try not to get your thighs to close up the cup, but that’s not very stealth, especially if you’re trying to use the urinal lol.

Real Feel Test™

Visual Realism 1/5

I struggled to give this one a 1/5 because the shape of it isn’t great. However, there is a shaft and it can look realistic if you’re peeking down. Keep in mind, because this STP is leaned downwards, you won’t see much when you look down to pee (even if you’re very skinny) without warping the cup!

Touch Realism (Through Pants) .5/5

If you, or someone else, grabs this through your underwear or pants, it will not feel like a realistic flaccid penis at all. The angles are off, the portions are off. It’s just….all off.

Touch Realism (Skin-Like) 1/5

This STP is soft to the touch. If you feel that it is a little sticky (especially after cleaning), that is very normal and adding a little cornstarch will help. This does not feel like skin. It feels like those little silicone ice-cube trays.

Cleaning and Care

I recommend cleaning this product before and after each use. 

The 100% silicone component makes this STP easy to clean and sterilize. The easiest way to clean this product is with hot soapy water or by sticking it in the top row of the dishwasher. If you need to sterilize this product, put it in a boiling pot of water for 3-5 minutes. Because this product is made of 100% silicone, boiling it is 100% safe. 

If you find that the prosthetic is tacky/sticky after cleaning it, I always recommend using cornstarch (or other rejuvenating powders) to maintain a smooth and silky texture. If you have one of the darker skin tones and you don’t want to put white cornstarch on it, add a little coco powder to the cornstarch to offset the color.

*Please do not use talcum powder (most commonly found in baby powder), it has been associated with different types of cancers, mostly ovarian cancer. We have a full article on the dangers of talcum power here.


I recommend using the original packaging. Place this product in a cool, dry, and dark place, like a dresser drawer. Do not store it with other similar-material products as those eventually can start to morph together, which is really not fun. Sometimes, these products secrete an oily texture and a canvas bag will help absorb this moisture. 

Full Rating

Durability 4/5

This STP is made of 100% silicone. I’ve had mine for over 5 years and there are no bumps or bruises

Packability 1/5

Just no… The shape alone… just…. No

Budget Friendly 2/5

$70 for an STP is pretty common, especially ones made of 100% silicone. However, the features with the price do not add up.

Urinal Friendly 1/5

Very awkward to position as it leans completely down and if you move the shaft a little to aim, the cup warps and pee can go everywhere. No thanks.

Final Thoughts

This is not my favourite STP. I’ve tried so many before and after this one and this is just one of those that doesn’t look or feel quite right. I feel like there could be great potential for this STP, but there isn’t. If you really like this company, I would recommend looking at the Flip n’ Tuck. It again, has an interesting shape, however, it’s easier to pee with and to pack with!

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