What is a Packer?

A packer is an object that you put into your underwear to give the appearance of a bulge. Within the trans community, this object is usually in the shape of a penis. Packers are used to help individuals who suffer from dysphoria and need to feel that there is something in their pants. Packers can also be used to help people pee standing up and have penetrative sex. This article I will focus on basic flaccid packers. 

Different Types of Flaccid Packers on the Market

Packers made out of silicone are by far the most popular in the trans community. Silicone is a great material for objects that will be sitting in your pants all day long. Silicone is non-porous, which means it will not hold and carry bacteria around. It is very easy to clean and if the packer is made of just 100% silicone, it can be sterilized by boiling it! Try to do that when no one is home though, floating dicks in your spaghetti cooking pot might turn your roommates off next time you have a meal together.

  • Non-porous: meaning bacteria does not grab onto it
  • Very flexible and easy to reposition in your underwear
  • Some models are so realistic it’s unbelievable 
  • Can be budget friendly, from only $12! 
  • Some companies offer over 200+ skin tone options
  • Can sometimes feel sticky/tacky*
  • Some people do not like the feeling of silicone directly on their bare skin, especially near their junk
  • Some companies only offer 2 skin tone options (boo) 
  • If you want something extremely realistic, you’re looking at a heavy price tag. Anywhere from $200 – $3000 (no joke)

*I recommend using cornstarch to make it softer and less sticky.

Cup Inserts

These inserts are made out of a foam-fabric. They hold their shape well and can be washed. These are great for people who do sports because there is basically no risk that this will fly out of your pants (unlike silicone or fabric packers that are not tightly secured). These inserts usually come with underwear and they are secured inside. Some of these inserts also come with the outline of a penis on the cup. This way, when you are packing, instead of it being JUST a bulge, now you have a bulge with a nice indent of a penis shaft and head. Fun!

  • Great for people who want a packer that is not penis-shaped
  • Can be washed 
  • Great for people who do sports
  • Don’t have to worry if you look like you have a boner
  • Cannot really reposition it
  • Can smell if you do not clean it
  • Can carry bacteria 
  • Need specific underwear OR you need to sew a section onto your underwear to stabilize it


These are one-of-a-kind packers that are a little hard to find. In the past, the only place to get them was Etsy, however, the company Transkins has recently come out with a great fabric packer! They are made of material and provide an alternative to silicone for individuals who do not like the feeling on their skin, or who want to explore different options. These packers are usually customizable in terms of color, size, and fluffiness of the stuffing. These packers are also a great alternative to the OG packer: the sock. The material and feel are similar, but you now get it in the shape of a penis!

  • Can be washed
  • Great for people who do not like to have silicone touching their skin but want a penis-shapped packer
  • Fun colors available 
  • Can carry bacteria
  • Can smell if not washed/cleaned

Packers for Youth

Yes, youth also need to pack sometimes! This concept can be uncomfortable to talk about, however, youth come out as transgender and they have dysphoria. In order to help combat this dysphoria, sometimes they need a packer. The photos above show the regular packer as well as the smaller version (of the Pierre and Archer from New York Toy Collective).

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