What is a Pump?

A pump is something you use over their junk in order to make it bigger temporarily or permanently and/or to masturbate with. The pump will create suction, which will make your peen grow/expand. There are 3 main components to a pump: the cylinder you put your junk in, the pump (manual or battery-operated), and the release valve (very important!). These pumps are also known as penis pumps or vacuum pumps.

Anatomy of a pump:

Most pumps have 3 components to them:

Cylinder/Tube: this is placed on your junk, trying to make sure it is flush with the skin (in order to create suction). It usually has a flared opening so the cylinder doesnt cut you or dig into you.

Pump: This is usually manually operated, anything battery operated should be used with caution as you don’t want to over-pump and hurt yourself! The pump will suck all the air out of the cylinder in order to create suction.

Release Valve: Once you are finished pumping, press the valve release to release the suction and remove the cylinder. This can also be used as an emergency “stop” if you feel you pumped too much!


Pumps can be used for multiple different reasons. Depending on the reason and results you are expecting, you can use a pump once a day

Growth: Some individuals will use pumps to temporarily and permanently grow their peens. Some do it for sexual reasons, some for fun, and others do it in order to get as much growth as they possibly can.

Sex: Some people will use a pump before or during sex to enhance the sexual experince. You can use a pump on your junk to temporarily grow your peen and make it very hard and erect. You can then use it to rub against your partner, or in some cases, penetrate.

Masturbation: The pump itself can be used as a masturbation device by either pumping it and contracting your peen or by a cycle of pumping – releasing the valve – pumping – releasing the valve and so on. This will create a nice on/off suction.

Pre-Surgery: Individuals who are planning on having bottom surgery will sometimes use pumps in order to get as much size and girth as possible before surgery. This is mostly the case in individuals planning some type of metoidioplasty surgery (simple release or more). 

Different type of pumps available:

Below, I will go over the different type of pumps available.

Manually Operated

Transmasc Pump

There is currently only one pump on the market that is specifically designed and made for trans masculine individuals, and it is this one!

Size Matters

The original pump on the market with a pressure gauge AND you can unclip the cylinder and keep the suction! This means you can walk around the house, do dishes, the laundry, while still being pumped!


BJ Dildo

This one needs to be used with a partner. The partner will literally suck the tip of the prosthetic, which will create suction.


Similar to the BJ Dildo, the Lollipop will create suction when literally sucked on, however, this one also comes with a large syringe where you can manually pump and an electric one as well!


These can sometimes be tricky as they are made for nipples and the design of them might be harder to get your peen in there to get proper suction. However, there are some on the market that do work.

Of course, we can find pumps in the most basic products out there. Years ago, people were using large syringe cylinders as pumps!

Pre-Hormones / No Growth

Yes, you can use a pump if you have no growth or are no on testosterone. Just remember that it might take some practice to get your peen in there since it is small. You will most likely be pumping the tissue around your peen, however, that doesn’t mean that your peen doesnt get any of it! Just be aware that it might not work for you!

There are some safety precautions you need to take before pumping. Do not over-pump. This can cause serious damage to your peen. Try not to pump more than twice a day for more than 10-15 minutes each time. I cover this topic extensively in our “how to pump” article.

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