GoGirl STP Review

My Rating

Unfortunate name, but good for practicing

Key Features

🏳️‍⚧️ Trans-Owned Company: No
👣 Size: 1
🎨 Color Tones Available: 2
💰 Price: $15 (USD)
🧍🏽‍♂️Stand-To-Pee Function: Yes
🍆Can Be Used For Penetration: No
🧬 Real Feel™ Test: No
👍🏽 Good for Bigger Bodies: Maybe
👀 Discreet Shipping: Unsure
⚡️ Energy: Can double as a prosthetic nose if you plan on being a witch for halloween. Yay. 2 for 1


Originally marketed for women who don’t like to squat when they have to pee outside. The GoGirl was created as a solution to a problem they only thought affected women, well, not so fast. The trans community found this gem and it immediately caught on. I’m not saying it’s the best STP out there, no, far from that actually. I just think it’s funny that some of these companies think so “inside the box” that when we find these products and make them our own, it kind of blows their minds a little. Anyways, back to the review. Although the name is extremely unfortunate, for $15, it’s a great first-stp/practice-stp just to see if this is right for you. You know, get your toes wet a little. Actually, if your toes get wet you’re not doing it right. Reposition. REPOSITION QUICK.

The Great

  • No Spill Lip – This prevents leaking when urinating if the cup fills up too quickly. 
  • Flexible – The material is very flexible and it makes it easy to scrunch it up and shove it in your pocket real quick.
  • Does not look like a penis – Great for people who do NOT want to pee with something that looks realistic. 
  • Budget Friendly
  • Very light (weight)

The Not-so-Great

  • Narrow Cup – This can mean major leakage if you don’t place it right under your urethra.
  • Cannot pack with it – technically, you can pack with anything, however, packing with this will only make it look like you have some weird looking toy in your pants.
  • Does not look like a penis – If you’re looking to stare down at something realistic while you pee, this is not the STP for you. 
  • Flimsy – This can make it tough to reposition when you’re in the act without pee flying everywhere.


This product comes in a small cylinder that doubles as it’s own carrying case.

I know a lot of people wonder what the actual shipping box looks like and it’s tough to really say because I bought this STP in California in 2011 and did not order it online. However, the link I provided you is from Amazon and you usually go not get any descriptions on the boxes. So I’m assuming you’re safe.


This STP is available in Khaki and Pink:


Total Length: 6.75”
Length of Cup: 4”
Length of Cup with No Spill Lip: 5.25”
Width of Cup: .5” at it’s smallest up to 1”
Weight: 1 oz / 29g

Material and Feel

This STP is made of Silicone and does NOT feel sticky or tacky. You will not need any type of powders (such as corn starch) in order to soften it. The silicone is already very soft. 

The material is flimsy which makes it hard to reposition the STP while you are urinating. Make sure it’s positioned where it needs to be, or else….. pee everywhere. But seriously, you don’t realize just how heavy urine can be when you’re in the middle of peeing and holding a funnel down there. Be cautious of the flimsy STPs out there.


Packing with this STP is a no-go. Usually, I pack with something that has the appearance and shape of a penis, or I go old school and use a sock. The Go Girl doesn’t cut it when it comes to packing. If you want to pack it in your pants because it’s a great area of storage, then you do you. Just keep in mind that it will probably look like you have some weird shaped toy in your pants and you’ll get some looks. If that’s not your kink and you want something more realistic, then this STP will not give the penis-like appearance you may be hoping for.


Since the size of this cup is pretty narrow, it can be a little challenging to pee with. Remember, almost no one gets it right on the right go. As corny as it sounds, practice makes perfect. Stand in the shower or the tub the first couple of times because trust me, you don’t want pee on your clothes. It’s just so defeating. Personally, I have practiced a dozen times with this STP over the last 7 years and I still have issues with it. It might just be my anatomy, but I just can’t get it right. It’s too flimsy and no matter what I do, I end up leaking. This was one of my first STPs though and learning how to adjust and pee with it was very helpful.

Real Feel Test™

Visual Realism 0/5

I don’t think it’s necessary here to explain why I give this a 0/5 on visual realism. It literally looks like a funnel you use to full your car up with oil.

Touch Realism (Through Pants) 0/5

Do I even need to go into this? It doesn’t even have the shape of a peen.

Touch Realism (Skin-Like) 0/5

Again, no realism here. This feels like a basic silicone ice cube tray.

Cleaning and Care

I recommend cleaning this product before and after each use. 

The 100% silicone component makes this STP easy to clean and sterilize. The easiest way to clean this product is with hot soapy water or by sticking it in the top row of the dishwasher. If you need to sterilize this product, put it in a boiling pot of water for 3-5 minutes. Because this product is made of 100% silicone, boiling it is 100% safe. 

*Please do not use talcum powder (most commonly found in baby powder), it has been associated with different types of cancers, mostly ovarian cancer. We have a full article on the dangers of talcum power here.


I recommend using the original packaging. Place this product in a cool, dry, and dark place, like a dresser drawer. Do not store it with other similar-material products as those eventually can start to morph together, which is really not fun.

Full Rating

Durability 5/5

The silicone is very strong, even if you try to rip it and tear it apart, it stays intact. Very impressive for such an inexpensive STP.

Packability 0/5

Oil Filling Funnel in your pants.

Budget Friendly 5/5

$15? Hell yeah!

Urinal Friendly 1/5

Hopefully no one glances down at the oil-filling-funnel, but overall, if you can get the hang of it, you can pee standing up at a urinal. Make sure you practice a lot before.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t mean to turn this STP review into a full-on car oil change funnel comparison roast, but let’s be real….. Just look at the design. This isn’t the best STP out there by any means. However, if you want something cheap to practice with. Something to figure out where your urethra is and something to help you practice peeing standing up, this isn’t too bad.

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