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STP from New York Toy Collective

Key Features

🏳️‍⚧️ Trans-Owned Company: No, but BIPOC Queer-Owned
🥞 Circumsized
👣 Size: 1
🎨 Color Tones Available: 7
💰 Price: $75 (USD)
🧍🏽‍♂️Stand-To-Pee Function: Yes
🍆Can Be Used For Penetration: Kindof?
🧬 Real Feel™ Test: -ish?
👍🏽 Good for Bigger Bodies: No
👀 Discreet Shipping: Yes


Sam STP is a product from the New York Toy Collective. It is available in 4 different skin shades and 3 different fun colors. It has a smaller cup size so you need to practice at home often before taking this bad toy (see what I did there) out on the town AKA the urinal. You can buy a harness that is made specifically for this STP and a rod to turn it into a prosthetic for sex.

The Great

  • Easy to use after you’ve practiced  
  • Can be easily used at a urinal 
  • Durable material 
  • Can triple as a prosthetic to use during sex (add-on rod not included)

The Not-so-Great

  • Not budget friendly – Even though it’s construction and materials are great, this may not be an option for people who need a budget friendly STP
  • Packing – Not the easiest STP to pack with because of it’s shape 
  • Larger Bodies – Not great for people who have larger bodies, bellies, and thighs as the shaft is pretty small

Use the discount code: CHASE23


Sam STP comes in a sealed plastic bag.

I know a lot of people wonder what the actual shipping box looks like and it’s tough to really say because this prosthetic is sold by many different online retailers. If you are ever unsure, you can always message the company you are purchasing from and ask them what they put on the box! The retailer that I prefer is Early2Bed and I can tell you that living in Canada and receiving a package from the USA, I’m always terrified the customs declaration form is going to say something like “big wiener”. Luckily, that has never happened with Early2Bed. They also didn’t even put the return address as “Early2Bed” they put “ETB”.


Sam STP is available in 4 different skin tone shades:

Sam STP Also comes in 3 different fun colors:


Length of Shaft: 4” / 10.2cm
Circumference of Shaft: 5” / 12.7cm
Length of Cup: 2.5” / 6.3cm
Width of Cup: 1” / 2.5cm
Weight: 5.6oz / 161g

Material and Feel

The Sam STP feels like soft silicone. The silicone itself is pretty squishy, the only thing hard about the prosthetic is the balls. The STP itself does not look very realistically like a penis, however, looking at the components separately, the head looks a little squished and there aren’t any visible veins. However, the balls are made smaller, which is great because they need to go right under your junk in between your legs and if they were bigger, that would cause an issue.

Also, as you can see from the video, even after intense cleaning, dust and hair just migrate towards the STP. This is something very common with silicone packers, so it’s expected.

Use the discount code: CHASE23


Packing with this STP is a little tough. I find that it’s a girthy STP and you can really squish it down to make it look like a bulge in your pants.

There is a harness that you can get separately to use specifically for the Sam STP. This harness helps position the STP to help you pee standing up. I’m not really a fan of it because I feel like it’s a little awkward, but here are some photos with it.

Packing up


Peeing with this prosthetic can be great once you get the hang of it. The hole at the tip where the urine comes out is a little small so you sometimes have to squeeze the head of the peen in order to make the hole bigger. This is crucial if you’re someone with a quick stream. I also mean it when I say practice though because the cup on this STP is very small and narrow and can make it really hard to pee with. This is especially true if you are unsure where your urethra is. It’s a great idea to go in the tub the first time and try it out or else you’re going to pee all over yourself. Especially because the cup on this STP is so small and narrow!

Bigger Bodies

Peeing with the Sam STP can be a little tricky if you have a bigger body as the shaft is small. You have to maneuver the cup under your junk and position it and it becomes a little hard to move the shaft around to aim when the belly and thighs are bigger. The harness you can buy with it does come in a variety of sizes which does help you position it, still, it can be tough to move the shaft around.


The rod you can buy separately is supposed to turn Sam STP into a prosthetic you can use for sex. However, the STP already has a small shaft so it’s a little hard to maneuver having sex with it. If you want this feature and you’re fine with the length, I recommend also getting the harness with it as it will make it much easier than any other traditional harness out there. For me personally, it’a a big no for sex. I honestly have no idea why they thought this would be a good idea? I have yet to meet someone who has used the rod insert for sex successfully. I know I sound a little harsh, but it’s really small and if you use a regular harness with it (like the SpareParts Joque Harness), there won’t be enough peen to penetrate. Forget about even trying this for anal.

Real Feel Test™

Visual Realism 2.5/5

The Sam STP does not have a traditional “penis” shape, which makes it look unrealistic. However, when you look at it, you know what you’re looking at. If you’re going to a urinal, you can use this and if someone glances down quickly by accident and looks back up, they will either think you have a strange shaped penis head or they will just pretend nothing happened because #nohomo

Touch Realism (Through Pants) 2/5

If you touch this STP through pants, it can feel realistic, however, because of it’s shape, when you grab it, you feel the balls with the shaft and it just ruins the feel.

Touch Realism (Skin-Like) 2/5

This prosthetic does not feel like soft skin, however, it is soft to the touch and does feel like silicone. Think of those silicone spatulas you use when you’re trying to get all the cake batter out of the bowl. That’s what it feels like.

Cleaning and Care

I recommend cleaning this product before and after each use. 

The 100% silicone component makes this STP easy to clean and sterilize. The easiest way to clean this product is with hot soapy water or by sticking it in the top row of the dishwasher. If you need to sterilize this product, put it in a boiling pot of water for 3-5 minutes. Because this product is made of 100% silicone, boiling it is 100% safe. 

If you find that the prosthetic is tacky/sticky after cleaning it, I always recommend using cornstarch (or other rejuvenating powders) to maintain a smooth and silky texture. If you have one of the darker skin tones and you don’t want to put white cornstarch on it, add a little coco powder to the cornstarch to offset the color.

*Please do not use talcum powder (most commonly found in baby powder), it has been associated with different types of cancers, mostly ovarian cancer. We have a full article on the dangers of talcum power here.


I recommend using the original packaging. Place this product in a cool, dry, and dark place, like a dresser drawer. Do not store it with other similar-material products as those eventually can start to morph together, which is really not fun. Sometimes, these products secrete an oily texture and a canvas bag will help absorb this moisture. 

Full Rating

Durability 5/5

This thing isn’t going anywhere. The 100% silicone material makes it very durable. Even if you use it with the harness, it shouldn’t rip at the balls since it’s you’re not actually pulling away from the balls.

Packability 2/5

Without the harness, the best thing you can do is just put it in your briefs or tight boxer briefs. It won’t look like a proper bulge, but it is possible.

Budget Friendly 2/5

As far as STPs go, this price ($75) is mid-range. This STP is made out of 100% silicone though which has it’s advantages, however, the price isn’t as budget friendly as I’d like.

Urinal Friendly 3/5

Yes! Whipping this out at the urinal will work! Keep in mind the cup is very narrow and you need to practice at home before tackling the urinal. If you are overweight, it might be a little tough to use at the urinal since you need to maneuver it more.

Final Thoughts

Sam STP is great for people who are willing to practice before heading out in public to use it. This STP is also great if you get the harness that it comes with because it is solely designed to make this STP packable. There are definitely some downsides, especially if you have a bigger body, but be sure to read and watch all the reviews you can before committing to any STP!

Use the discount code: CHASE23

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