Jack 2-in-1 Masturbator by NYTC Review

My Rating

Fantastic Little Masturbation Sleeve

Key Features

🏳️‍⚧️ Trans-Owned Company: No, but BIPOC Queer-Owned
🕳 Size of Hole: 10mm/.39”
🎨 Color Available: 4
💰 Price: $59
👀 Discreet Shipping: Yes
🌱 Need Growth: See Below (hehe)


Jack is a silicone-made masturbating sleeve by New York Toy Collective. What makes this one stand out from all the other sleeve already on the market is that it can double as a small packer. Most masturbation sleeves either have a plain/blank outside that just looks like a plastic tube, or they look like the tip of a peen that has been cut off (omg, sorry for that visual). Jack has the look of a peen WITH balls! This makes it very easy to pack with and gives a realistic look of a peen when someone is using it to masturbate with. Make sure to look through this review for more information on this one-of-a-kind sleeve!

The Great

  • Very stretchy and easy to use over your growth 
  • Ridges inside stimulate your growth and feels nice
  • Easy to pack with
  • I LOVE a multi-use prosthetic!

The Not-so-Great

  • Not the most realistic peen
  • May be too small to pack for some
  • It you stretch the hole VERY big too many times, it will start to rip
  • Is sticky (this can be fixed, read below)


Jack comes in the New York Toy Collective branded bags. When I took it out of the bag I was surprised that it felt a little sticky. Most NYTC prosthetics are not sticky. However, I think this has to do with the type of silicone that is being used. I think the silicone in Jack is much more…. Flexible and soft (not hard), than their regular packers. This is easy to fix though, just add a little cornstarch and you’re good to go!

I know a lot of people wonder what the actual shipping box looks like and it’s tough to really say because this prosthetic is sold by many different online retailers. If you are ever unsure, you can always message the company you are purchasing from and ask them what they put on the box! The retailer that I prefer is Early2Bed and I can tell you that living in Canada and receiving a package from the USA, I’m always terrified the customs declaration form is going to say something like “big weiner”. Luckily, that has never happened with Early2Bed. They also didn’t even put the return address as “Early2Bed” they put “ETB”. 

Fun little story, I ordered sex toys from Wish (as a joke for a video) once and one of the packages literally said “giant dildo” on the customs form. I’m sure the Canadian Border people had a nice laugh. I sure did.


Jack is available in 4 different skin shades.

Hole Size

Outer Dimensions:
3 x 3 x 1 1/2″
3″ long shaft
1 1/2″ shaft diameter

Cavity Dimensions:
5/8″ max diameter (this silicone is very stretchy and can accommodate larger anatomy)
3/8″ min diameter (anatomy narrower than this will not activate product suction)
2 1/2″ depth

Material and Feel

Jack is a little sticky. Not SUPER sticky, but sticky enough that you’re a little disappointed. Don’t fret, I have a very easy-peasy way to fix this = cornstarch! As you can see by the image below, it does have a good squish factor but it’s not super stretchy!

Use the discount code: CHASE23


I’m going to be completely honest. When I first got this to test out, I said “there is no way you can pack with this and have a nice bulge. It’s too small”. Well, I love it when I’m wrong because wow! Even though this sleeve/packer is a very small size, it makes a really nice bulge that I was impressed with!

There are always multiple ways you can choose to pack with a packer. You can face the shaft up, down, on the side, you can use underwear, harness, packing underwear, pouches and so much more! It’s all up to you and what you are comfortable with! In the following photos, I pack with Jack facing down.

The most popular question when it comes to masturbation sleeves is “do you need growth”. It’s a valid question, however, I will say that 80% of the sleeves on the market, you will need growth. This is the same with this sleeve. So YES, you need growth in order to use this sleeve and enjoy ALL of it’s perks like stroking it up and down and feeling all the ridges inside.

This isn’t to say that people without growth cannot use it. Listen, everything is possible. This sleeve is very stretchy and you could technically get it on your junk if you have no growth, but you need to be prepared for the possibility that you won’t feel much.

Cleaning and Care

I recommend cleaning this product before and after each use. 

The 100% silicone component makes this sleeve easy to clean and sterilize. The easiest way to clean this product is with hot soapy water or by sticking it in the top row of the dishwasher. If you need to sterilize this product, put it in a boiling pot of water for 3-5 minutes. Because this product is made of 100% silicone, boiling it is 100% safe. 

If you find that the sleeve is tacky/sticky after cleaning it, I always recommend using cornstarch (or other rejuvenating powders) to maintain a smooth and silky texture.

*Please do not use talcum powder (most commonly found in baby powder), it has been associated with different types of cancers, mostly ovarian cancer. We have a full article on the dangers of talcum power here.


I recommend using the original packaging. Place this product in a cool, dry, and dark place, like a dresser drawer. Do not store it with other similar-material products as those eventually can start to morph together, which is really not fun. Sometimes, these products secrete an oily texture and a canvas bag will help absorb this moisture. 

Full Rating

Durability 3/5

Because Jack is made out of 100% silicone, it will last a long time. This gets a 3/5 because if you use the hole a lot and stretch it big often, it will start to rip.

Packability 4/5

 Very easy to pack with and gives a nice bulge

Budget Friendly 3/5

Almost $60 for a small masturbator isn’t great, however, remember that this doubles as a packer!

Ease in Masturbating (no growth) 1/5

Eh….. not great.

Ease in Masturbating (growth) 5/5

Very easy to use and it feels nice!

Final Thoughts

Jack is a nice little packer and masturbation sleeve that I do like! I rate this a 3 because honestly, when I sit down in front of my camera about to film some explicit content for Fansly, I don’t jump to jack. I usually will chose other sleeves that I find have better suction in order to enjoy my time. Now, this isn’t to say that it’s bad or that I’ve never featured it on Fansly. I definitely have. It just isn’t my go-to. I can live without it.

I do really love that it doubles as a packer though AND that it has balls! I  also love the image of someone just packing while grocery shopping and then they suddenly get the urge to masturbate and WOW low and behold, your packer can help you masturbate! Go pay for your groceries. Run to the car! Get it in! What a life.

Bottom line: if you’ve tried other sleeves in the past and you’re looking for something that has a more realistic head (other than just a rubber sheath), AND you want a packer at the same time, you got your boo. Jack is here.

Use the discount code: CHASE23

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