TransForm Packing Boxers from Dys4ick

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Key Features

🏳️‍⚧️ Trans-Owned Company: Yes
🩳Type: Boxers
👜Made For: Packers
💦Can be used with STPs: No
🎨 Color Available: Black
👣 Sizes Available: 7
💰 Price: $24
👀 Discreet Shipping: Yes!


Let’s chat about the TransForm Packing Boxers, crafted by Dys4ick, a trans-owned company based in Australia. Now, I’ll admit, when I first stumbled upon their name, Dys4ick, I had a little moment of confusion. Was it “Dick4dick”? “DysDick”? My DysLexia was acting up. But after a moment, it clicked – Dys4ick cleverly refers to dysphoria. Quite smart, if you ask me.

Dys4ick is renowned for their innovative tucking panties, charmingly named the Mothertuckr. And recently, they’ve expanded their range to include packing boxers. Now, onto the undies themselves. They’re crafted from incredibly soft material, offering supreme comfort. Plus, there’s a handy pouch upfront, perfect for tucking away your packer or one of their packing cups.

Make sure to continue reading for a more in-depth look into these packing boxers!

The Great

  • Can use virtually any packer you own
  • Can use any packing cup (even ones not from this company)
  • Extremely soft bamboo material

The Not-so-Great

  • If the packer you are wearing is heavy, the pouch/boxer will sag a little
  • Material can snag if caught on something
  • Only comes in 1 color
  • Bulge can be a little big when using packing cup


The package comes in a beige/brown envelope. Since this product comes from Australia, there is going to be a customs form. On mine, it said “underwear” and “foam cup”. Nowhere does it say “underwear meant for packing”. 

When you open up the package, you’ll see the boxers in a clear plastic bag. If you opted to get the packing cup, it comes in a beige canvas bag.


These boxers only come in black at the moment. I believe they are planning to add more colors in the future!


Comes in XS to XXXL

Material and Feel

These boxers are made of 95% Bamboo and 5% Spandex. There are cooling panels between each leg to help reduce possible chafing. The thigh panels are made of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex. When I tell you these are soft, wow do I mean it. The material is very similar to the Banana Prosthetics CocoNuts packing undies, which I love. Literally, anything with bamboo in it is just so soft and I’m living for it. 

In terms of the fabric and seam durability, these have held up to a good amount of wears. I did have a sharp fingernail once and when I grabbed the boxers, a tiny little snag in the material happened. Instead of pulling it, which I can only assume would make it worse, I cut it with a pair of scissors and haven’t had any other issues since.


(With Packing Cup)

These boxers were designed for packing (said in the tune of “these boots were made for walking”). With that said, packing is very easy with these undies. You literally just stuff your packer, or cup, or sock in there. Keep in mind, you can pack an STP in there, but you won’t be able to use it as there is no curtain/panel on the inside, and therefore, you can’t access the STP while keeping the underwear on.

I will say, the packing cup for me is a little too big. Almost all packing cups look the same and they are all just too big. When I put them on and walk around it doesn’t feel natural to me. I feel like the bulge looks so big and I don’t like that. Here is what that looks like:

Instead, I prefer to wear packers and I love that these boxers create a barrier between a packer and your skin. This means that packing with products that are not made of silicone is much better than just putting it against your skin. 

For context, silicone packers are (usually all) skin safe. Meaning putting them right in your underwear against your skin is fine. However, polymer, rubber, or “unknown materials” in packers are not skin safe and should not be put up against your skin. These can secrete oils and they are very porous, meaning that bacteria love to grow in them. Not fun. SO it’s great that these boxers create a barrier! Especially because non-silicone packers are usually much more affordable.

This is what it looks like packing with a regular packer:

(With MorMe Medium Packer)

If the packer is very heavy, it can make the boxers sag down a little.

If you’re curious, this is what it looks like without a packer or a packing cup:

And finally, a side by side of the PACKING CUP and the MORME PACKER:

As you can see, the packer looks a little more natural than the packing cup.

Cleaning and Care

Dys4ick recommends machine washing on warm. I wouldn’t put these in the dryer as they may shrink!

Full Rating

Durability 4/5


Packability 4/5

Very easy and nice to pack with. If the packer is too heavy, can sag boxers.

Budget Friendly 2.5/5

Even though $23 USD is the going rate for most packing boxers on the market, I feel that $23 is a little much for a pair of underwear you only wear once. You have to at least have 2 in order to rotate, but that means you’re doing laundry every day. They do have a “pack of 5” for $101 (you save $14)!

STP Friendly 1/5

You cannot use this with an STP. You can pack an STP in the packing pouch, but you’ll have to take it out completely every time you want to use the STP.

Final Thoughts

These packing boxers are fantastic if you’re looking for something soft on your butt! I also love that you can wear a non-silicone packer with them. The price point is what’s expected for packing undies, but I do just wish it was a little more affordable. If you’re interested in seeing if these packing underwear could work for you, make sure to check them out!

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