Oh Gode 7″ from Banana Prosthetics Review

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Thin Dildo Great for First Time Anal!

Key Features

🏳️‍⚧️ Trans-Owned Company: Yes
🥞 Circumcised
👣 Size Available: 1
🎨 Color Tones Available: 11
💰 Price: $67USD ($90 CND)
🍆 Can Be Used For Penetration: Yes
👖 Packable: No
🧬 Real Feel™ Test: No
👀 Discreet Shipping: Yes
⚡️ Energy: Basic ……


Welcome back, folks, to another review from Banana Prosthetics. Now, I know I’ve covered their products quite a bit, but hey, when a company offers such a wide array of options, it’s worth exploring each one thoroughly. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Oh Gode 7” Dildo.

This particular prosthetic is designed primarily for intimate moments rather than everyday wear. It’s not really meant for packing, more for, well, you know, the fun stuff. There are some subtle ridges meant to enhance sensation for the receiver, but personally, I didn’t find them to make a significant difference. And for the wearer, unfortunately, there aren’t any special features to enhance their experience.

Now, while this dildo didn’t quite hit the mark for me, everyone’s preferences are different. So, stick around for a detailed breakdown of this prosthetic. I dive into all the specifics to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

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The Great

  • Depending on the harness you have, when you move, it moves.
  • 11 different color options!
  • The ridges on the base designed to pleasure the person being penetrated
  • Affordable for a prosthetic that looks realistic

The Not-so-Great

  • No extra paint to make it look extra realistic
  • Is very hard to the touch

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The Oh Gode 7″ comes in a branded plastic bag from Banana Prosthetics. This is an example of this bag:

I know a lot of people wonder what the actual shipping box looks like and it’s tough to really say because this prosthetic is sold by many different online retailers. I’ve gotten a lot of packages from Banana Prosthetics and since they are from Canada, they have to put a customs declaration form if they are shipping to the USA or any other country. From my experience, they have not written anything wild like “big ol dick”, so you should be safe.


The Oh Gode 7” is available in 7 different skin tones and 3 “fun colors”. Just a quick note, the darkest shade is actually dark. Some other companies “dark” shade is a “medium brown” at best. So I’m super happy to see this company bring out 3 really good darker shades!If you’re unsure which color to get, you can buy their color sampler for $4 here.

The 4 “fun” colors are black, red, blue, and transparent. Going to be super honest, I only noticed while writing this review that they had a transparent ones. There are no photos of it online, but if this is something that interests you, I’d recommend contacting them directly for some photos!


Full Length: 7” / 177mm
Insertable Length: 6.75” / 171mm
Girth: 5” / 127mm
Weight: 240g / 8.5oz

Material and Feel

This prosthetic is made of 100% silicone, which means it’s body safe. So feel free to put this inside you! Silicone is not a porous material, which means bacteria shouldn’t grow inside of it. This prosthetic does not have a dual-density texture to it, which usually means you’ll have softer, squishier skin at the surface, and the inside will be a little harder. This entier prosthetic is hard. Yes, I understand this is what you look for in someone penetrable, however, because it does not have a dual-density, it doesn’t feel realistic to the touch. The type of silicone used is also the type of material that attracts cat hair and dust a lot. Banana Prosthetic has that issue with most of their peens, but I’ll tell you that almost all companies, with the exception of maybe 5, have products that are a little tacky, sticky, or attract hair. Now, just to clarify, this peen does not feel sticky or tacky. Theres a tiny bit of tackiness, but since you’re using this for sexy times, you should be using lube and/or a condom, so the actual textural feeling of it doesn’t matter as much.

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This toy is just okay for sex for me personally. I’m someone who is used to the bells and whistles of accessories for peens. Meaning, I like when it vibrates, when something is rubbing up against the wearer, and so on. This prosthetic is very basic. It does have some ridges for the person who is being penetrated to feel, however, you don’t really feel it? Unless you’re really grinding on that D and don’t do a lot of in and out movements. I will say, because this peen is hard, it’s very good for anal. It’s a little grithy though, so I would use it once you’ve stretched out a little!

If you are someone who likes a little more of a basic design with some pleasurable aspects for the person being penetrated, this could be great for you!

Being Penetrated
Okay so, as someone who is both the penetrator and penetrated (lol), I can tell you that this peen isn’t the most comfortable to have inside you. I like a dual density because it makes the outside much softer and feel so much more realistic. This peen is just one hard appendage and that can get a little uncomfortable to have inside me for long periods of time. I do actually have some videos of me using this prosthetic on my Fansly page, so make sure you check that out!

Harness to Use:
I always recommend using the SpareParts Joque harness with this. This harness is fantastic and makes it very easy to adjust before sex and then you don’t have to adjust again. Other harnesses have issues sometimes where you have to keep adjusting while you’re thrusting, which is not great. Now, some people don’t really like the feel of a harness (I often don’t), so there is another options. Some companies have come out with underwear-type harnesses. These are great because it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a harness at all, just undies. HOWEVER!!! There is one big problem I have with these types of harnesses. When you go in to penetrate someone and you start to pull out, there is a delay to when the prosthetic gets pulled out based on how loose the underwear are. Actually, I’ve worn some way too small for me and I still found that there was a delay. Some people are okay with this but my biggest issue is that I can’t really tell how deep I am or how much I’ve pulled out. I want to be able to move with the prosthetic as if it was connected to me! When I wear those underwear harnesses, it just causes dysphoria. Not the vibe I’m looking for.

Here is the Joque Harness:

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Real Feel Test™

Visual Realism 3/5

I know the one I have is blue, but this prosthetic does have some nice details with the veins and head. 

Touch Realism (Skin-Like) 2/5

It doesn’t feel like a realistic peen. The lack of dual-density drops down this rating significantly.

Touch Realism (Through Pants) 3/5

If someone is rubbing it, it definitely feels like an erect penis. If you start squishing it though, you can tell it’s a harder “material” than a penis.

Penetration Realism 1/5

Just okay

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Cleaning and Care

I recommend cleaning this product before and after each use. 

The 100% silicone component makes this prosthetic easy to clean and sterilize. The easiest way to clean this product is with hot soapy water. If you need to sterilize this product (which I recommend doing at least once a week), put it in a boiling pot of water for 3-5 minutes. Because this product is made of 100% silicone, boiling it is 100% safe. 

*Please do not use talcum powder (most commonly found in baby powder), it has been associated with different types of cancers, mostly ovarian cancer. I have a full article on the dangers of talcum power here.


I recommend storing this product in a cloth bag away from other prosthetics and toys you may have. Keep it at room temperature. Try not to have it touch other toys as they can morph into each other. Now, if the product is truly 100% silicone, it shouldn’t morph with other 100% silicone products, however, I’m always very cautious of my peens and test out that theory before committing to sticking 5 peens in 1 drawer. I’ll tell you that I have not had any issues with the Oh Gode. It does appear to be made of 100% silicone. BUT just to be safe, store it in its own little baggie to preserve its life!

Full Rating

Durability 5/5

This is a very durable prosthetic. I’ve used it countless times with a partner and solo on my Fansly, and there is absolutely no indication that it would rip or break anywhere. 

Budget Friendly 4/5

$67 USD for a prosthetic for sex? Made of 100% silicone. That’s a fantastic deal!

Sex 2/5

Easy to use in a harness but the lack of realism drops down the rating for me. It does not feel like a penis inside you. However, because it’s hard, anal is a great option!

Masturbation 0/5

There is nothing that rubs up against you, so jacking off this prosthetic would not directly bring you pleasure. However, it can be a nice visual image to have, which is enough for a lot of people!

Final Thoughts

Although this prosthetic has some issues with the texture being a little too hard for me and the lack of anything touching the wearing for added pleasure, this is actually a pretty good dildo. It looks like a penis, it’s only $67 USD, is a good size, has a lot of color options, AND is from a trans-owned company! If you’re looking for something affordable, and you’re totally fine with not having something rubbing up against you for pleasure during sex, this is a fantastic deal!

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