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Live Authentically and Free Yourself

This presentation gives an overview of how Chase realized he is trans and the steps he took in accepting himself and his identity. He has had to come out multiple times during his life and this gives him a unique experience. Let Chase tell you the story of how he accidentally came out to his dad through a status update on FaceBook…it wasn’t too great. Living authentically was a very long road for Chase, but sharing his story helps others around know that it is possible.

*Chase has also done this presentation related to respecting your body and not smoking.

YouTube Journey

Documenting his transitioning online since 2006 has given Chase a unique experience throughout the years. Chase has often said that he feels as though he “grew up online” because almost all of his most important milestones are documented in video form. In this presentation, Chase discusses  his reasoning for starting to document his transition on YouTube when there were only 3 other trans YouTubers at the time. He explores how he went from a confused and shy 15 year old to a very confident and extremely charismatic full time YouTuber. This presentation include a powerpoint with videos and pictures to bring the audience on his journey with him.

Being a Trans Adult

This presentation is typically done for a younger audience (usually middle school and up). Chase talks about how he realized his identity, how he came out, and what he is doing in his life now. This helps to re-humanize the trans experience and give younger individuals hope for the future as some trans youth find it hard to imagine their life as an adult because of the lack of representation in todays society.

Embracing your Trans Body

Chase will talk specifically about embracing your trans body and how to deal with dysphoria related to sex. There are not enough resources in the community for how to love and embrace your trans body, however Chase helps bridge this gap in this presentation.

Trans Masculine Individuals, Tattoos, and Identity (Academic Research)

Chase presents the research he conducted for his Masters (Sociology) where he looked at the intersections of identity for trans masculine individuals who have tattoos. Do many people in the community have tattoos? Why is that? Is this related to their transition? If so, is it a direct or indirect relation? Is there more to this topic than you can imagine? You bet! Listen as Chase discusses how tattoos play a role in the development and perception of body, identity, and self for trans masculining individuals

The Importance of passing/the problematic concept of passing

As Chase’s very first topic at a speaking engagement, this one is very close to his heart. Not only does he bring in empirical research [link] he conducted in his undergrad, he also helps break down the myths that trans people must pass in order to “be trans”. This concept is toxic in and out of the trans community and something that needs to be discussed more in order for people to understand, at least in part, the trans experience.

Trans Representation in the Media (Solo).

In this presentation, Chase dissects the past and present transgender representation in the media. The good, and the Bad. Nothing is off limits as he wants to insure that people understand what type of representation exists and how this representation directly effects trans people in society today. Stigma, false statistics, news reports on trans people, television programs, movies, newspaper. Everything will be looked at with a critical lense.

Trans Representation in the media (with Valerie Robin Clayman)

Chase is joined by Valerie Robin Clayman, author of I’m Supposed to Related to This?, a book about her experiences with trans representation in the media as she was coming out in the early 2000’s. This presentation takes the form as an informal conversation between two individuals who grew up at different times and transitioned at different times. Comparing and contrasting these experiences provides for a rich understanding of the history of trans representation and where trans representation is today. For a previous of this talk, please click here. [link]

Prosthetics 101 – Show and Tell

Chase reviews prosthetics made for trans masculine and non-binary individuals on his YouTube channel. In this presentation, which is usually given at health conferences, Chase shows many different types of prosthetics available for purchase. Explaining each one, the cost, the colour options, and also showing the best lower price options for people. Prosthetics can range from: packers, to stand-to-pee (STP) devices, self pleasure devices, and prosthetics for sex. Depending on the event, Chase can bring in or remove certain prosthetic categories, or do specific prosthetics only (for example: only packers for youth, only STPs, or only sex products, etc) depending on your intended audience.

Sex and Sexuality for Trans Individuals 

Sex and Sexuality are topics not discussed nearly as much as they should, especially within the trans community. Whether it is related to someones trans identity or not, talking positively about trans bodies in a sexual way is a great way to break down the “fetish” stigma associated with trans people. This presentation can go two ways: Chase talks about the importance of inclusive sex-education and helps break the awkwardness (for some) when it comes to discussing topics of a sexual nature.

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