Are you interested in receiving a Holiday/Christmas card from Chase? This year, he is sending 1500 cards…… that’s…A LOT!!!! So Please make sure to read (and re-read) the rules below and then apply! You have until November 17th, 2018 at 11:59PM EST!


  • You can apply only if you are trans and/or non-binary
  • You can apply for a friend, family, partner, etc… (they must be trans and/or non-binary)
  • Your age doesn’t matter
  • Your location doesn’t matter
  • PLEASE TRIPLE check your address! I don’t send out an email confirmation for this! I like it to be a surprise!!
  • Only provide a shipping address you know you can receive mail at (even if it has to be under your birth name)
  • Please, only ONE application per person!


Do you also want to spread the love and send cards? Do you want to also receive more? GOOD Because there is now a safe place to do so! Click here for more info!


….also watch this video lol

*If for any reason, the application is not showing up above, please click on this link to access it!