Last year, during the holidays, I announced that I was going to be sending out 1000 holiday cards. This was well received HOWEVER, a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of people said that they wish they could also send cards to people who need them…. WELL my friends, It happened. There is finally a safe way for you to do a holiday card exchange. This will most probably continue way beyond the holidays and just be a penpal thingy, but for now, let’s focus on the holidays!

This is for you if:

  • You are someone who wants to receive one (1) card but send forty (40)
  • You are someone who just wants to send cards
  • You are someone who just wants to receive cards
  • You want to send and receive the same amount of cards!
  • You want to send one hundred (100)
  • You want to meet new people and make new friends

HUGE Shout out to Cou (they/them) for figuring out all this discord stuff and being an all around amazing person. Go follow their stuff and say thank you omg!

Twitter – @MagneticHollowArt Tumblr – magnetichollowInstagram – magnetichollow

How to Join?

This is all done on DISCORD. Please make sure to click here to get all the information! I will not be holding any of your addresses. When you are matched, you will be able to start a conversation with the person and decide if you want to send them your info or not! I have made a very easy-to-follow video on how to join this exchange and get started! Please watch the video!

If you didn’t watch the video, here is a quick rundown of the steps to follow.

Step One:

Everyone must assign themselves a ROLE. Go to the “Role Assignment” channel and chose your roles (Sending only, Receiving only, or both)

Step Two:

Senders Only – Go to the “Senders” channel and enter “.matchme”. The bot will automatically match you with a “Receiving only” person. The SENDER must DMN (direct message/private message) the person they are matched with in order to start talking and exchanging information.

Receivers Only – Wait until you get a message from your random sender (matched by a BOT)

Both Sending and Receiving – Go to the “Both Sending and Receiving” channel and enter
“.matchus” – now DM your match!

Step Three:

Senders Only – If you are only planning on sending a card to ONE (1) person, go replace your role (as sender) to a “matched” role. This will remove you from the list of users people can automatically be matched with.

Senders – Once you have the number of people you want to send to and you have DM’d them. Please go change your role to “matched” so you are no longer matched!


Receivers Only – Once you get a message from your sender, go replace your “receiver” role as “matched” so you no longer get automatically matched. If you were matched with more than one person and they DM you, please make sure to let them know you were already matched. YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR ASSIGNED ROLE TO “MATCHED” IN ORDER FOR YOU TO NO LONGER BE MATCHED AUTOMATICALLY WITH OTHERS.

Both Sending and Receiving – You can chat and match with as many people as you want to send and receive from. Once you have reached your personal limit, please change your role to “Matched”. Example: if you wanted to exchange 5 cards, you need to match with 5 people and then change your assigned role.

If you don’t understand or are confused about something but did not watch the video…lol…please watch the video (the video is captioned as well)

You can also apply to the Holiday Cards Chase is sending out!!! Watch this video and find out how! Psssst…. he’s sending 1500 this year……