Below you will find information on Monthly and Yearly giveaways. Please make sure to read everything before applying! Chase works very hard to ensure these products go to people in need. Please only apply if you are in absolute need.

Monthly Binder Giveaways

Sponsored by GC2B

Finding or affording a chest binder can be hard at times. We’ve all be there. I can remember getting myself a pre-paid credit card in order to open up a Paypal account to buy a binder in 2006! It was a long process and very anxiety inducing to hide all these accounts from my dad. That’s why this monthly binder giveaway exists. I know people need binders. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live or when you realized you were trans. Everyone deserves to be comfortable with who they are, and if a binder is the way you feel more like you, then that’s what you need. You do you.

*Please note these changes: there are now categories for who can apply to the giveaway depending on the month. Chase wants to use his platform to lift the voices of individuals in the community who deal with multiple intersections of marginalized identity. This is why the giveaways are now divided by: BITPOC, Individuals with Disabilities, Individuals under 18, and every one. Please make sure to watch a giveaway video each month to find out which group the giveaway is targeted towards. Each 4 groups has 3 months each to make it even throughout the categories.

How to get a FREE binder

If you do not have access to binders whatsoever and need one ASAP, please pay attention to the video I post the 1st of each month announcing a new giveaway. Every month, 30 individuals will be randomly chosen to win a binder from GC2B.


The application will open the first of every month. You have until the 5th of the month to apply for the giveaway. Any entry after this will not be considered. If you would like to submit an application after the 5th, please wait until the beginning of the next month. Winners will be contacted after the 5th and will have 3 days to confirm. Then GC2B will send you your binder! Unfortunately, in order to avoid delays, if you do not confirm within 3 days, someone else will be chosen.


The application will be in a “google form“. All the information will be in the video posted on the first of each month on my channel.

Please Click Here to Apply to the Monthly Giveaway


If you applied but did not win, you are able to apply again for the next month.

(example: you applied for July but did not win. You can apply for August)

What if you don’t need a binder? What if you need other products?

Every now and then, Chase will giveaway STPs and Packers. There is no schedule or specific month this happens in, so please watch the announcement video on the first of each month to find out!

or you can wait for the…..

Gigantic Yearly Giveaway


Every year, Chase spends months planning the BIGGEST trans giveaway on the internet. The giveaway in the past has taken place in July. The first year (2017), Chase was able to give over $13,000 (usd) worth of products. The second year (2018), he felt like he needed to do more, he ended up giving over $17,000 (usd). That years giveaway took 7 months to plan, but it was worth ever single hour spent on it. People always wonder, “why? why are you doing this? why are you giving so much?” – to this, he has a simple answer – why not? I have this huge platform where I get to talk about my life and educate others. Giving to the community that has always been there for me is the least I can do. I needed someone like me when I was younger, someone who could help me get the opportunity I needed to get these life saving products. No one like that was around, so I worked really hard and became that person. I can happily say that I have personally given away more than 750 binders and a total retail value of all giveaway products exceeding $50,000 (usd).


Products differ from year to year. There are typically 100+ binders, a varity of packers and STPs from different companies. Something new in 2018 was the inclusion of products for trans feminine individuals.

How to Apply:

You’ll need to wait until the giveaway is announced. As mentioned above, July is typically the month the giveaway is in. Make sure you subscribe [link] to Chase and follow his Twitter and Instagram for updates on this HUGE giveaway.

You want to donate?

If you want to donate new and slightly used binders, please look at the non-profit Point of Pride.

If you would like to sponsor a binder or other products, or if you want to help out with the shipping costs during the huge giveaway, please click here.

You want to buy a binder?

Are you in a position where you can afford a binder but have NO idea where to start? Check these out:

  • GC2B (use the discount code: uppercasechase for 10% off!)
  • Underworks

Help spread the word! Share the giveaway video each month!

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