Are you working on something and are unsure if it is trans inclusive or not? Look no further, Chase is here to help you with whatever you need.

The future is here and it’s changing fast. Trans people are at the forefront of a huge battle to get accepted within society. Be a leader in trans-inclusion and make sure trans peoples experiences are shared equally amongst the rest of the population. Contact Chase today to start helping you achieve this.

Here is a list of consulting jobs Chase has done and/or can do for you:

  • Feedback on developing trans characters in literature
  • How to discuss trans people in the media
  • How to include trans people in media
  • Feedback on how to make your Apps more trans-inclusive
  • Feedback on how to make your advertisements more trans-inclusive
  • Recruitment for research (qualitative and quantitative)*

*Very popular. Chase has a large reach within the trans community and as a trans person and researcher himself, understands the importance of having trans inclusive researech and research focused on trans people.


If you are a corporation looking to change policies to be more trans inclusive, please contact Trans Focus. This is what they do best. They will assess the current situation at your company and give you feedback and plans on how to become more trans inclusive for your current trans employees, future trans employees, and customers.