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Are you a trans person who is a parent to a 8 - 15 year old? I’m working as a casting producer for an insightful new documentary for CBBC, so you can be assured that it’s going to be a sensitive and authentic film. Email:

I want a platform that works fairly, ethically and does so transparently.

People who see the lawsuit as attention seeking or money grubbing don't understand the issues and impact this could have for everyone, not to mention how badly all smaller creators are paid to begin with.

The LGBTQ+ YouTubers say Google is removing adverts from videos tagged as gay or lesbian and labels their work as'sensitive' or 'mature'.

YouTube say that's not true, but the YouTubers are taking their case to court

#LGBTQ YouTubers @BriaAndChrissy, @ChaseRoss, @lindzamer, @Pup_Amp, @GlitterNewsSF & @HHWCS are taking a stand against Google.

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